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In March 2020 Porsche reached out to Reclamestal.

They wanted to host an event where Porsche fanatics would be invited to test drive in four different cars during the day. This would be an exclusive event with space for only sixteen people at the time.

The cars would be filled with up to four people. People were allowed to invite friends, family members, or colleagues to join them for this event.


At first I started by gathering some inspiration.

For this event it was very important that every high profile Porsche driver would be invited to join the day. This meant the invitation had to be something really special and exclusive.


At first, the concept for this event was called “Porsche 4 friends”. But later revisioned as the “Porsche 4×4 Driving experience”.

For the invitation I wanted to show the cars, which the people would drive during the day.

Starting off by making low-fidelity sketches.

A special invitation

The end result is an invitation, which could be split into four business cards. The inside of this card contains the remaining information about the event.

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