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Rotterdam student housing

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A student housing from Rotterdam is looking to expand on it’s merchandise. In the house live four students. These students each live a vibrant and energetic life. But they like to spend their evenings together, accompanied with cheese and wine.


To make a brand identity which depicts the overall “vibe (look & feel) of the group students living in the house.


Starting by compiling a moodboard. This moodboard depicts the overall look and feel of the brand.

The pictures include various kinds of cheese (including “Clemont Rouge”), Rotterdam, vibrant colors and kinetic typography.


For the logo I went for a modern look. It is crafted using a san-serif font, which gives it an informal look. Also the lettering is all in capital, which gives it a bold look. The lettering of “O” and “E” depicts how this letter is pronounced, while still being recognisable.

As design elements I’ve gone for “cheese holes” as background elements, which also gives it a bit of a funky, kind of a lava lamp, look.


And so the branding for student housing “Clemont Rouge” ~ “soft & creamy” was born!

The colors of the branding depict warmth, excitement, outgoing personality and enthousiasm.

The logo and “say cheese” elements can be applied in various ways.

Please take a look at it yourself!

© 2021 Lars Ossendrijver

KvK nummer: 81895909

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