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In November 2020, the WUR (Wageningen University & Research) fased a problem; They want to show students what the “Surf your Stress” week is about. That’s why they got in contact with me to make think of a way to promote the last edition of this event (preferably a video format).

There was only one problem; The event couldn’t be physically held, due to the pandemic restrictions at the time. So how can the story behind the Surf your Stress event still be told using video?


The “Surf your Stress week” is an event, which is organized by the WUR yearly. The week is meant to help students better deal with their stress and give them useful tips and tricks on how to do so.


When talking to several members of the organization behind Surf your Stress, we found out, there were still a couple of video captures left from Teams meetings that took place during the event. When I heard the intro talk of the Teams meeting, I knew for sure: This could be made into an after-movie.


In order to tell the story about Surf your Stress, I quickly found out the introduction talk of this event could be used as a voice-over, with just the right amount of tweaking. Combined with some contentbites of the captured videos from Teams meetings, resulted in an after-movie which tells the story about Surf your Stress 2020.

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