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In September 2019 my international team and me stumbled uppon a problem. We read an article stating that young people (a.k.a. students) are more likely to have unsafe intercourse. Upon further research we came across figures of CBS (2019) which show that this behavior is trending. Time to do something about this.

The problem

But why don’t young people use protection? Is it because they aren’t afraid of the risks, is it because they are afraid of being bullied because they wear a condom in their wallet? We decided to interview students of the Hogeschool Utrecht and the Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen.

You know what turned out? People weren’t wearing condoms in their wallet because they felt ashamed that one day someone would see this. It’s a stigma which is holding young people back.


So what to do when people start to stigmatize people who wear condoms in their wallets? Then we decided that it’s time to change that.

We asked ourselves “How would superman do this?”

We realized it’s time to boost people’s confidence, by making carrying condoms cooler.


Branding can contribute to change people’s perspective on certain things. It can help to start the conversations surrounding a stigma and to part with negative imaging surrounding curtain subjects.

We know our target audience are young people (also known as students), which like to be a bit of party animals every now and then. They hate to be criticized about carrying around condoms because they just want to enjoy and protect themselves!


Starting by making an inspirational moodboard.

This moodboard is used to depict the overall look & feel of the upcoming brand.

Brand identity

With Happy Condoms, everyone will be able to celebrate safe pleasure!

Please take a look yourself!

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