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In February 2021, Recover Health contacted me to do their branding

Recover wants to help patients better prepare for their surgery. They do this by offering nutritional supplements and partnering up with dieticians, physiotherapists, mental coaches & doctors.


Recover wants to position itself as an expert on the preparation process of surgeries. But what can Recover do to strengthen its expert position in this field?

Like Simon Sinek once said “Having authority may give you a title, but it’s trust that makes you a leader.”

Moadboard & style

I started by gathered some inspiration and made a moodboard out of it. This moodboard focussed mainly on form and color usage for the brand’s overall image.

To strengthen the look and feel of the brand, I retouched and redesigned current touchpoints. This will help them to keep their branding look clean and reliable, which is good for people to trust the brand.


Also by launching a HERO campaign, which focuses on providing people with helpful tips and tricks to better prepare themselves for surgery, Recover will gain goodwill.

One problem, some people just don’t (or want to) realize how important exercising is and thus want to exercise as little as possible. How can the brand still reach, help and motivate these people? 


The guiding principles I focused on for this concept were: Connected, Feedback, Focus on health & Accessible.

I figured people could use a diary and share their experiences online. Also if people were to compete against each other, they would feel challenged (in a fun way) to do some basic workout activities.

This idea would eventually develop into the “Improve your Health” campaign.
A conceptvideo can be seen beneath this text.

Improve your Health

Improve your Health (app & campaign) is all about providing tips to further improve peoples overall health, by doing low-threshold daily exercises.

Over time, while people do these exercises on a daily base, the new behaviour will become a habit.

By launching “Improve your Health” people will be more likely to recognize Recover’s expertise brand position on the market.

Explore a prototype of the app right next to this text.

Branding of Recover Health

The total brand identity guide for Recover. The identity of Recover focuses on health, is trustworthy and seriously helpful.

Branding of Recover Health

A little impression of the total brand identity of Recover. The identity of Recover is: focussed on health, seriously helpful & friendly.

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